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Enclosure details

Deltatec distributes Bernic products in Portugal.
In addition to the plastic boxes available for a wide variety of projects or systems, we also offer customization services, such as execution of specific drilling or production and placement of labels. The boxes are certified and meet all European standards.

The boxes can be fixed in various ways. Due to the special design of the base there are some models that can be fixed on DIN rail or directly on the site of use, using the appropriate accessories.

To facilitate the search for the right plastic box, the best selling products can be grouped as shown below. We note that the product range is very wide so if you can not find the product you want here, use our contact page for more information or refer to the manufacturer's web page at: Bernic Enclosures

Modular DIN enclosures(“Building Block”);

Highly flexible DIN rail enclosures.The enclossure layout can be created to fit the project needs.

Modular DIN enclosures;

Common DIN rail enclosure with the possibility of using one of the many existing cover types.

Utility enclosures;

The utility boxes series is very suitable for assembling of in-door electronic devices. Furthermore they are ideal for complete or partial potting.

Wall mounting enclosures;

Enclosure for wall mounting, suitable for sensors or regulators.

Sealed enclosures;

These enclosures are designed to IP65 specifications and are ideal for use in electrical and electronic industries. There are several different series available.

Desktop enclosures;

Four part enclosure that includes top, base, front panel and rear panel. Designed for peripheral equipment of computers, electromedical devices, laboratory equipment, measuring devices,etc.

Instrumentation enclosures;

This line of moulded project enclosures is ideally suited for instance instrumentation and telecommunications equipment available from hand-held to desk top sizes.

Potting enclosures;

Boxes for sealing of electronics parts with resin, made of black ABS (or Polycarbonate) heat resistant and with superior dielectric properties. Lids available.


Extend the enclosures with original designed accessories.

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