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Details of Alert Manager system

The system is designed to receive and manage "alerts" originated at remote locations. Alert conditions are varied and can be "automatically" or "manually" fired. Examples of alert conditions are, temperatures above or below a certain value, opening or closing of a contact, a flow rate above or below a predetermined value, etc. The system consists of a central application where all the alerts are managed and stored and a distributed acquisition network. The acquisition systems (concentrators or hubs) communicate with the central system via Internet or GSM.

Central Application

The central application allows the storage and management of the the alerts received by the acquisition network. It is possible to check real time status of each alert and define a set of actions such as sending an e mail message, an SMS, the activation of an audible signal, etc..The reporting module allows viewing and printing of numerous base reports. If necessary, we can develop specific reports according to customer needs.Optionally, the graphics module can be installed to implement a graphical environment based on site maps and plans, from which alert origins can be easily located.

Acquisition Network

The acquisition network is flexible and consists of equipments, called "concentrators", developed by Deltatec or by partners. Concentrator types depend on the values to read, the communication possibilities at the place and the specific requirements of the solution to implement.Data acquisition points can be at isolated and subject to severe environmental condition locations, at control rooms, data centers.

  • System installation is simple and fast;
  • Use of existing IP network to interconnect the concentrators and the central system;
  • It is possible to interconnect the concentrators and the central system using the GSM network;
  • Automatic recognition of new installed concentrators;
  • The system automatically detects the failure or loss of communication with any concentrator;
  • The location plans presented and the reports can be configured as needed;
  • Quick and easy location of the occurrence of an alert through the graphical interface;
  • The value of the parameters acquired by concentrators can originate from contacts, humidity sensors, flow, light, temperature, etc.













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