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Details of Data Manager system

"Data Manager" is a data acquisition and processing system. The data is obtained using a acquisition network composed of different kinds of equipment. The information obtained at each site, at regular intervals is centralized and “feeds” a repository enabling data processing, analysis, reporting and alert generation.

Acquisition points consist of one network interconnection equipment ("the interface") and the "probes" that can range from a simple humidity or temperature sensor to complex water quality or air monitoring equipment. The system's flexibility allows the usage of multiple data repositories like ORACLE, SQL Server, My SQL, etc.

The "interfaces" communicate with the central system via an Ethernet network (Intranet or Internet) or via GSM. The data is collected at regular intervals, however if any exceptional situation arises, the "interface" units immediately communicate the occurrence to the central system. The protocols are designed to minimize the bandwidth usage in communications via GSM, reducing as much as possible communication costs.

  • Data centralization;
  • Data Acquisition in real time;
  • Operating costs reduction;
  • Creation and alert sending;
  • Reporting;
  • Increased efficiency of human and technical resources;
  • Process optimization and streamlining
  • Automatic data acquisition and entry.













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