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Details of Energy Manager system

"Energy Manager" was developed with the aim to facilitate and optimize the management of backuppower supply systems (using one or more generators) in places where there is geographical dispersion of power consumers and suppliers.

Power fail detection

On a common backup power system, the generator checks it’s power supply which supplies the consumer too, and starts-up if it detects a power failure. In cases where due to space limitations, availability, etc. one or more generators must be shared by several consumers, inevitably arises the question of start-up and detection of network failure.

"Energy Manager" is composed of a central system and equipments that continuously monitor the power supply to each consumer. In case of power failure in a consumer, the fact is immediately reported to the central system, using the Intranet, Internet or GSM, that according to the defined settings will start-up and stop the corresponding generator automatically.

All the systems that support communication between the detection units and the central system must be supported on an UPS.

The alert management module allows sending SMS messages in case of mains power failure and monitors the proper functioning of the central system, alerting via SMS the person in charge if there is any problem.

  • Real-time knowledge of power supply status to each consumer;
  • Power failure or other alerts via SMS;
  • Substantial reduction of problems caused by power failures;
  • Report Generation;
  • Single power generator sharing between many consumers in fully automatic mode.





















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