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Today, human resource, energy and natural resources management are essential. For effective management is necessary not only to have the right information at the right time, but also the proper tools. Our Remote Management, Telemetry, Monitoring and Alarm Management Solutions, are configurable and flexible.


We have own product development and product distribution from partners. Due to its versatility the products can be used as components of complex solutions or as standalone systems. The products have high quality and are adaptable to customer needs.


The experience and know-how acquired over many years working in the areas of Hardware, Software and Communications (LAN, WAN, etc.), allow Deltatec to offer a range of professional services, customizing solutions for Remote Management, Remote Maintenance, Alarm Management and Telemetry.

Environment and Energy

Deltatec designs and implements a wide range of solutions for environmental and energy management, including

  • Systems for remote data acquisition of water and air quality.

  • Centralized management of backuppower supply systems.

  • Systems for optimization of electricity consumption for lighting.

  • Remote monitoring systems for environment and energy.

Developed Projects
  • Telemetry control systems for air and water quality.

  • Aggregation and centralization of intruder, flood, fire and panic alarms.

  • Centralized management of backup power supply systems.

  • Centralized distress call management system for Hotels.
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